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From product compliance, logistics, and advertising - we’re with you the entire step of the way to make sure you have an Amazon business built to last. Here are a few of our clients who trust us to manage their Amazon business in the US.

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Turning a generic foot care product into a recognizable brand

Dermatonics is a manufacturer of foot creams and balms; prior to working with Behemoth, they had sold in over 20 countries, but had never figured out a way to crack the US market. With the help of Behemoth, we quickly went from being a generic foot care product to one of the top selling foot care products on Amazon.

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ValuMeds Product
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40% Increase in profit margins while maintaining $1M in monthly sales

Valumeds is an “Amazon-only” seller who has been selling on the platform for several years. The brand’s main struggle was rising ad costs as well as losing market share to other sellers who had established a clearer brand identity. With our help, we found areas of advertising to reduce waste and create more efficiency. We also created a stronger brand identity so consumers could feel more comfortable making a purchase. 

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Starting from Zero - How we launched a UK brand from scratch

Barbology LONDON offers a line of premium men’s skincare products. Prior to 2021, Barbology LONDON was only available in the UK. With the help of Behemoth we introduced the brand to the US and created a profitable e-commerce business in less than 12 months.

Barborogy London Products
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From $700K in annual sales to $3.75M in just two years

Ancient Veda had a successful, offline wholesale business but had never attempted to sell on Amazon. Their product catalog had hundreds of items so the first thing we did was focus on clear “winners”. We enrolled their brand into the Brand Registry and got to work creating content. We then created a finely tuned PPC strategy and got to work chipping away at the competition. 

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How Amazon helped Jetti collect money being left on the table

Jetti sells a line of fitness products with great product-market-fit. However, despite the success they were having on their d2c site, they had never tried selling on Amazon. Launching on Amazon allowed them to capture a new segment of customer without cannibalizing sales from their d2c site.

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