Amazon Listing Optimization

Before you spend a dime on advertising, is your listing optimized for paid traffic? Optimizing your Amazon listing ensures marketing dollars are well spent, but it also increases organic sales.


Imagery to Content Creation

Our team of copywriters and designers will take your Amazon product detail page to the next level. We optimize every aspect of your listing to ensure organic sales ranking continues to grow.

While sales copy allows your listing to rank better in search, the images are often what turns those clicks into purchases! Our team offers photography and design geared specifically towards improving your Amazon listings.
Sales Copy
Beautifully written sales copy is an underrated element of every Amazon listing. You want your Amazon listings to rank well in search – but at the end of the day you’re selling to a human being. Allow us to write sales copy that piques curiosity and allows customers to see themselves using your products.
A+ Content
In the early days of selling on Amazon, your listing could survive without A+ content. Those days are over. Having well curated A+ content that gives granular details about your product is now a non-negotiable aspect of your listing.

Being successful on Amazon requires more than having a good product and a marketing budget.

Being successful on Amazon requires more than simply having a good product and a marketing budget. We take a holistic approach to Amazon that aims to improve every aspect of your listing.

Behemoth isn’t a “set it, and forget it” agency.

Why working with us makes a difference:

Team of Creatives
We have a full creative team of creatives so we can constantly run a/b tests allowing for constant improvement.
Maximum Optimization
Meticulous attention to detail, ensuring comprehensive optimization of every facet of your product listings. We leave no stone unturned to enhance your visibility and drive sales.
Years of Experience
The sheer amount of brands we have worked with has given us a competitive advantage when it comes to looking at your business and finding ways to optimize. We’ve seen it all.
Curious how you can supercharge your growth on Amazon?
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