Amazon PPC Advertising

Our expert team is dedicated to crafting and meticulously maintaining Amazon advertising campaigns that not only boost visibility but also deliver tangible, measurable results.

Big Results with Behemoth

When managing advertising campaigns for clients, we put ourselves in the mindset of a business owner. We believe in creating profitable top-of-funnel advertising. Why should you lose money on first time customers when it’s achievable to create a profitable advertising system?

Performance-Driven Agency

Behemoth is a performance driven agency. What does that mean? It means we optimize for profitable sales, increase in conversion rate, and an increase in sales rank and organic sales. Our advertising system has helped countless new-to-Amazon brands launch and scale their businesses.

Numbers that Speak for Themselves

Our expanding clientele delights in the unparalleled service we deliver, witnessing exceptional results and unparalleled dedication in our Amazon advertising strategies.

Increase in Revenue
Increase in Profit Margins
Decrease in CPC


The backbone of your advertising strategy – having solid Sponsored Products campaigns allow you to run profitable ad campaigns that meet your customers where they are. Our team can help you get maximum visibility in the search results page over your competitors.


Amazon Brand Awareness campaigns are a strategic avenue to enhance your brand’s visibility and recognition on the platform. Our agency specializes in crafting and executing tailored Amazon Brand Awareness campaigns that elevate your brand story, engage your target audience, and establish a lasting presence.

Brand Video

Amazon Sponsored Video campaigns provide a dynamic opportunity to captivate your audience through engaging video content on the platform. We excel in conceptualizing and executing impactful Amazon Sponsored Video campaigns, leveraging the power of visuals to showcase your products, tell your brand story, and drive conversions.

Benefits of Working with Us

At Behemoth, we don’t just aim to increase sales; we want you to have a healthier business! We strive to maximize profit margins, increase efficiency, and make sure more people know your brand. 

Increase Margins on Amazon

Optimize Your Amazon Listings

Simplify Supply Chain Issues

Improve Sales Rank

Increase Brand Awareness

Improve Ad Efficiency

What You’ll Get When Working with Behemoth.

We offer personalized Amazon management that is designed just for you – nothing we do is cookie cutter. 

Team of Creatives
We have a full creative team of creatives so we can constantly run a/b tests allowing for constant improvement.
Custom Strategy
Custom advertising strategies that are tailored to your brand so you can grow faster on Amazon.
Personalized Management
Personalized, hands-on management of your Amazon Seller Central account.
Ready to talk to an Amazon expert?

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